Front Office Solution for Multi-Line Carriers

"We are evolving technology globally to be on a single scalable platform that leverages disparate back-end systems and provides the greatest consistency, operating efficiency and quality across business units."
– Robin Arendt,
Global CIO, XL Group plc 

The solution enables multi-line insurers to manage advanced underwriting processes across an insured account. Underwriting teams gain a single enterprise-wide view of the insured account and can rapidly deliver multi-line quotes. Now they can make faster and better decisions, and deliver superior customer service. The solution delivers these advanced capabilities:

  • Underwriting account management - Provides a single current and historical view of the insured’s account across the enterprise, lines of business, and policy systems, enabling underwriters to more accurately analyze and price each risk, and make the right decisions for the enterprise, not just for a particular line of business.

  • Account collaboration and workflow - Enables underwriters and managers to coordinate all account activity and ensure quality across the business in real-time. Provides notifications so that underwriters and managers know immediately when an activity is overdue or has been completed – to ensure the fastest possible response.

  • Multi-line quoting - Multi-line quoting capability helps insurers to deliver faster and better service to agents and brokers. Individual quotes for different lines can be combined into a single proposal.