The FirstBest Front Office Suite

The FirstBest Front Office Suite™ brings together agents and underwriters in a collaborative underwriting process that helps them to rapidly and efficiently submit, evaluate, quote and close business. The Suite enables the carrier and channel to grow their books of business and cast a wider net to bring in new business:

  • Carriers – Commercial- and specialty- lines insurers can provide better service that makes them the carrier of choice while increasing efficiency; lower the loss ratio by leveraging complete underwriting information, knowledge and rules; and scale the business with greater agility. 

  • The distribution channel - Agents, brokers, MGAs and MGUs gain greater productivity, increased responsiveness, and a higher win rate through the Suite’s upload, STP, collaboration, and transparency features.

A Suite of Collaborative Underwriting Applications

Built on a modern architecture with common Web services, security, workflows, and integration toolkit, the modular applications of the FirstBest Front Office Suite work together seamlessly, enabling rapid deployment in different configurations. Carriers can pick and choose any or all of the Suite’s applications with the peace of mind that they work together today and in the future, as additional capabilities are required.

The Suite includes four collaborative underwriting applications:

  • FirstBest Underwriting Management System (UMS)™ – A next-generation underwriting workstation that provides comprehensive underwriting workflow. Streamlines processes, making underwriting faster and more accurate, captures the knowledge of your best underwriters, helps maintain best practices, and enforces rules.

  • FirstBest Agent™ – A complete transactional agent portal that facilitates new business and renewals, and provides rich functionality for increased carrier-agency communication, including dynamic supplemental data, shared documents, notes, and email notifications.  Enables agent-underwriter collaboration when combined with FirstBest UMS.

  • FirstBest AppReader™ – An agency connectivity application for agent and underwriter form/image conversion to ACORD XML and instant upload to carrier systems, regardless of agency management system, and without proprietary networks or transaction fees.

  • FirstBest UMS Mobile™ - Your mobile users will be able to make decisions anywhere and at anytime with real-time secure data access and transactions. The iPad app provides remote information at a glance and enables managers to clear or reject referrals, include notes and keep applications moving for fast response to agents. Real-time notifications let users respond or take action ASAP from their mobile device.

  • FirstBest BA Studio™ - Enables carrier business analysts to configure data elements, values, screens, edits, rules, prequalification, supplemental questions, underwriting checklists, letters of authority and referral rules, and system notifications and emails in a real-time point-and-click configuration environment.

  • FirstBest Insight™ - An integrated analytics engine that provides advanced, actionable visibility into underwriting workflows, including precise risk assessment, informed decision making on pricing, and deep awareness about underwriting transactions and dependencies.

Multi-line/mono-line support

The Front Office Suite supports both multi-line and mono-line insurers.  Learn more about our multi-line solution .

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