FirstBest Academy

FirstBest Is Proud To Introduce FirstBest Academy.

FirstBest Academy is a comprehensive program designed to provide FirstBest customers with a thorough education that enables them to derive maximum value from their investment in the FirstBest Front Office Suite, fully utilize the self-service capabilities of FirstBest BA Studio, and drive greater business user acceptance through a unique and repeatable end user training offering.

The FirstBest Academy training program conveniently and cost-effectively prepares Front Office Suite users (business, technical and agent users) to achieve full proficiency with the software enabling FirstBest customers to contribute to their own implementations and system maintenance, providing an alternative to external implementation services.

Organized into tracks for the specific roles of business and IT professionals, FirstBest Academy provides participants with a combination of FirstBest expert-led lectures, practical experiential exercises, and complementary online resources.

 Unique elements of FirstBest Academy include:

  • Business configuration skills – Participants gain tactical know-how through hands on configuration instruction.
  • Advanced business analysis skills – Participants connect tactical skills with strategic insight, learning how to make configuration decisions for the best business outcome.
  • Technical integration skills – Participants learn fundamentals of the platform architecture, policy and other system integrations and service extensions to enable advanced capabilities of the suite.
  • Implementation readiness – Technical participants will be able to bring immediate value to their FirstBest implementation, from supporting project planning to co-development to full design,    integration and testing.
  • Customizable end-user training – Fast and customizable template-based offering that enables carriers to train their business end users on an ongoing basis.
  • Learning management system – Each participant has access to the FirstBest Learning System that provides a personalized learning environment and ongoing updates.


“Training and driving user engagement are critical to customer success, but they are a common area of under-investment for insurance technology solution providers. Providing high-quality user training is a way for providers to help ensure that their clients fully realize the value of their systems investments.”

- Matthew Josefowicz, Managing Director